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I am posting this informational page to inform those who may be thinking of affiliating their window treatments business with the Exciting Windows Business Opportunity. As one who has joined the Exciting Windows network of window covering professionals and subsequently left that network, I have a first hand perspective to share. Unfortunately, it doesn't paint a positive picture of Exciting Windows or their Business Opportunity for Window Covering Professionals and I would not recommend anyone join this group.

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I contacted Exciting Windows about their business opportunity back in January and began discussions with Steve Wishnow and Steve Burston. I was primarily interested in gaining access to the Window Coverings University classes as I felt my wife and I could improve our sales process by learning from those who have been in this business for many years. Both Steve Wishnow and Steve Burston were very personable and seemed genuinely interested in helping us grow our window coverings business. The economy has made it necessary to tread very cautiously when spending our advertising and marketing dollars, and we expressed this to everyone in the Exciting Windows organization. The program they offer involves an upfront enrollment fee and then monthly fees for being "licensed". Additionally they charge a monthly "National Advertising" fee and I believe they charge some people additional fees to be listed on their Idea Studio website.

I got several versions of what the fees were supposed to be during my investigative process in trying to determine if the Exciting Windows Business Opportunity was right for me. My biggest concern that I expressed to Steve Wishnow and Steve Burston was whether or not I would gain enough benefit "outside" of the sales classes that were available. In order to convince my wife and I to come aboard Steve Wishnow offered me a guarantee that if I felt like I was not getting enough value and benefit to justify my monthly fees that I could resign from the licensing agreement and have all monthly fees paid up to that point refunded. I have this information in writing from Steve Wishnow and Exciting Windows yet when I exercised this option I was subjected to some pretty harsh treatment including threats of legal action and repeated harassment by way of nasty phone calls and messages. In fact, I DID NOT even ask for a refund of monies paid in but only to be released from the contractual obligation as I didn't perceive continued value in the relationship. The way I was treated at the end was a 180 degree turn around from the handshakes and smiles I experienced when I first came into contact with Steve and Exciting Windows.

Now that I have officially resigned and cut ties with the Exciting Windows group I have come in contact with several other window treatments company's that have also left the Exciting Windows network. The general consensus seems to be similar to my own and that is the few benefits don't equate with the monthly costs. If the program actually provided adequate value then retention would be higher. I feel its an example of the market dictating value. If half of the members don't stay much longer than a year or two then perhaps either the cost is too high or the benefits too low. One thing I found noteworthy was a reference Steve Wishnow made to me during the "courting phase" of our relationship. He stated in an email that part of your monthly fees go toward pay per click advertising to produce referrals for licensees. Never in my 5 months with Exciting Windows did I EVER see any pay per click advertising done on the corporate level to drive business to the licensees. I did however see substantial efforts put forth to drive new licensees and/or associate decorators to join the group. It seemed clear to me the focus was for Exciting Windows to grow. It reminded me of a sales business I was involved in many years ago in that the licensees ARE the customers ....of "Exciting Windows" and the focus of the Exciting Windows Management team is to keep the customers paying each month as opposed to creating a long term relationship by providing enough value that the customer would not want to leave.

In closing, I will say that the Window Coverings University classes that I sat through online were some of the best information I have been exposed to. I should have just paid for those classes which would have actually been cheaper for me than what I actually paid in during my time with Exciting Windows. However, the negatives I saw first hand while involved with this group by far outweigh the positives. If you are considering joining Exciting Windows please consider the following opinions from my experience.....

Very little support after joining. They did want to spend a good amount of time talking to me about recruiting others like me to join their group though. I perceived that more customers for Exciting Windows is the top priority above and beyond me actually getting more customers for my own business.

No new customer referrals from Exciting Windows. I can honestly say that I did not sell one thing as a result of Exciting Windows referring me customers. I was of the belief that Exciting Windows would be referring me new customers or leads similar to what budget blinds does for their franchisees. NOT THE CASE.

If you choose to join and then wish to leave the group, Exciting Windows will attempt to force you to pay 6 months of license and advertising fees to be released from your agreement. Despite Steve Wishnow assuring me that he would not make this an issue for me....I am now receiving nasty collection calls from the company they handed this off to. I am considering filing my own civil suit against Exciting Windows and Steve Wishnow.

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